Do you feel like HeadUp is giving you the cold shoulder?

Is your dashboard looking like our office coffee pot at 10am (completely empty!)?

If so then don’t be alarmed - we don’t play by a ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ strategy. We’re ready to get your party started but the data from your Apple Watch may not have made its journey to our lab yet.

Now is the perfect time to check that your health data is leaving home and reaching destination HeadUp. Follow the instructions below to investigate! 

Note: the screenshots displayed in this article may look slightly different to your screen depending on what applications you have installed!

Step 1.  Open the HealthKit app on your phone and look for an icon on your phone called Health. 


Step 2. Select ‘Sources’ on the bottom tab bar and then select the HeadUp icon.



Step 3. Select ‘Turn All Categories On’ at the top of the page.


Step 5. Make sure all the category switches are on! You will notice that the category switches are now green!


 Step 6. Refresh HeadUp by force closing and re-opening the app.

After you have checked your HealthKit settings you will need to refresh HeadUp. If you already have HeadUp open (or running in the background) you need to force-close it by swiping up on the app until it disappears. Once done, you can re-open HeadUp!

 And we're up-to-date! Your dashboard should now reflect the new sync.


Now your Apple Watch data will be sent to your HeadUp App. We require a minimum amount of 28 days of data to analyse your health information and provide you with reliable and accurate health ratings and personalised insights. You can look forward to viewing your HeadUp health ratings and insights soon!


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