It’s nice to know there are some things in life that don’t need much time to achieve perfection – who doesn’t love a quick stir-fry or a pancake stack dripping with butter and maple syrup. We think you’d also agree that there are occasions when taking it slow and steady yields the best results...mmm wine and cheese? Yes please! 

Analysing something as complex as your sleep is one of those things that need not be rushed. That’s why our brilliant data scientists here at HeadUp like to analyse at least 14 nights of sleep within a 28-day rolling-window to provide you with information that you can trust. You'll find no fake news here! 

We know that wearing your device to bed can take some getting used to - it took us a while too - but you can rest assured (pun intended) that your efforts and patience will be rewarded!

Curious to know how many nights of sleep you've already accumulated? Just open HeadUp, select the Sleep category, and select Time Asleep to view your current sleep entries (see example below). 



Do you have more than 14 days of sleep entries on your graph and your rating is nowhere to be seen? Just get in touch with our support team here and include:

1. A screenshot of your HeadUp sleep graph showing more than 14 entries in the past 28 days.

2. The email address linked to your HeadUp account so we can identify you. 

 We'll sort those zzzs out for you!

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