If you're as excited as we are about getting started on your next HeadUp Experiment, read on!

You can learn more about HeadUp Experiments from the Lab page in the app...but let's get you started.

Step 1.  To sign up for a HeadUp Experiment you'll need to navigate to the 'Lab' at bottom of your screen.


Step 2. From here, you'll be prompted to complete a nutrition survey to answer some simple questions about your current habits. Once completed, HeadUp will be able suggest some Experiments suited specifically to you.

Step 3. From the Lab page, you can then view the Experiments you are currently participating in along with your results for each day. You'll also be able to see your results at the conclusion of the challenge.


As each HeadUp challenge is different, you may find that some run for longer than others.

We completely understand that sometimes you need a break and that's ok - we all deserve a holiday! If you're on a challenge and you don't want to log your progress anymore, you can simply stop completing entries for the time period. You'll be able to leave a HeadUp challenge at the end of the current week.

Missing something? If you have questions about a specific challenge or can't find the answer you are looking for, contact our support team here.