To calculate your Exercise Minutes rating, a minimum of 14 days of data must be spread over at least 3 weeks within the 4-complete-week rolling time-window.

Let’s look at the data calendar below where today is Wednesday March 3. A circled day represent a day of data for HeadUp user Vicki. You can see that within the 4-complete-week time-window Vicki has data recorded on Week 1, Week 3, and Week 4. 



Even though there is no data recorded on Week 2 (she was holidaying in Hawaii and left her Fitbit at home - lucky duck!) Vicki still has 14 days of data spread over 3 of the 4 complete weeks. When she views her HeadUp dashboard, Vicki will have an activated Exercise Minutes rating.

Now let’s take a look below at the data calendar for her neighbour Victor. 



Victor also has 14 days of data, but they are only spread over 2 of the 4 complete weeks. We don't want to be party-poopers, but Victor is not yet eligible for his Exercise Minutes rating. Victor will have this rating activated when there are 14 days of data spread over 3 of the 4 complete-weeks.

Let’s wrap it up with the moral of the story; be sure to wear your Fitbit or Apple Watch as often as possible to avoid missing out on/losing your Exercise Minutes rating.

We understand that most good relationships need a bit of space now and then (if you want some time-out from your device that’s A-OK). Just be mindful not to leave it too long and risk your older data expiring before you accumulate enough new data to activate/maintain your rating.