Put your hand up if you know where your passport is? OK, lets try another one...what about all your Tupperware containers? It’s hard enough to remember where you put the important things…we’re guessing your tape measure comes in at the bottom of the list.

That’s why we’ve asked the question ‘What size jeans do you wear?’? Because we understand that not everyone has a tape measure lying around the house or is able to measure themselves accurately. Your jeans size however, is a great start to understanding where you sit on the spectrum, without your exact digits.

Our data scientists are always working to come up with better, simpler and more reliable ways to give you information about your health. BUT! You might not see your ratings change or update immediately after entering your size. That’s because we’re still fine-tuning our calculations behind the scenes. Watch this space!

For those of our users in far flung places like Down Under, you’ll be able to find the conversion here.