To keep your HeadUp account up-to-date it's important to sync a few times each day. Syncing your Apple Watch with HeadUp triggers the retrieval of your data. Keep in mind that you won't see your HeadUp graphs change immediately, however, within an hour after syncing your account will be updated to reflect the new data we've received.

You can sync your Apple Watch up to once an hour by following the steps below:

Step 1. Open HeadUp

Step 2. Close/background the app

Step 3. Open/foreground the app 

Simple as bread and butter (or non-dairy spread if you prefer!).

Want know about the flow of your data? Here's how it works: your Apple Watch automatically syncs its data with the Apple Health app on your iPhone, HeadUp is triggered to retrieve this data when you force-close and re-open the HeadUp app. 


If you're concerned that your data isn't updating, it's a good idea to check your HealthKit settings. 

In your HealthKit App:

1. Go to your profile (top right corner)

2. Go to Privacy, then App

3. Click on HeadUp

4. Review that all data categories are switched on

5. Once confirmed, reopen HeadUp and allow it to sync

If your dashboard continues to show an old sync date well after you have refreshed the HeadUp app, please contact our support team here and include the email address linked to your HeadUp account. We'll get to the bottom of it! 


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