We need 14 days of step-count data within a 28-day rolling time-window to generate your Daily Step Average rating. 

You can check how many days of data we have by taking a look at your HeadUp Daily Step Average graph, just follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Open HeadUp and select the Activity category

Step 2. Select 'Daily Step Average' 


Step 3. View your 30-day graph to see how many entries are displayed.

In the example below you can see that this user has 9 days of step-count data. Another 5 days of step-count data is required before we can calculate a HeadUp Daily Step Average rating.



Already have 14 days of valid step-count data on your graph but still no rating? We'll look into it. Simply contact out support team here and please include:

1. Your email address linked to HeadUp so we can identify your account.

2. A screenshot of your HeadUp 30-day Daily Step Average graph.


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