Do you have an Apple Watch (you stylish thing you!)?

While you may be right on trend you may also be losing out on precious sleep data. And now that you know you’re losing sleep data you may start losing sleep over losing sleep data! That’s one nasty cycle we’re here to help you avoid.

HeadUp receives your health data from the Health app that is synced to your Apple Watch. While the Health app tracks your heart rate and steps, it’s yet to join the party with your sleep data. But not to worry, there are plenty of clever sleep apps out there ready to bridge this gap.

'But I'm not using any other sleep apps and I see sleep data' you say. Spoooky... although there is an explanation for this.

If your Health app is lit up in purple like a 1980s prom dress, fear not. The data entries you're seeing are what we call 'in bed' values. They are manual, pre-set entries created by the Bedtime app when you set an alarm (see screenshots below).



Whilst 'in bed' data is useful, it's not a true indication of the time you've spent 'asleep' (just when you're telling your phone you are in bed). A third-party app is still required to record your actual zzzs. 

When choosing a sleep app make sure it is compatible with Health - Apple Watch wearers at HeadUp HQ recommend free apps such as Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker or Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock.

When you install your sleep app it will request permission to allow your data to be shared with Apple Health – be sure to ALLOW this access (doing so ensures that we will receive your sleep data via HealthKit)

After you’ve got your new sleep app connected to HealthKit the rest is a snooze!

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