Have you been syncing your Fitbit to HeadUp regularly yet your dashboard is still asking you for more data? If so, it's a good idea to check your Fitbit settings. It may be that Fitbit has not yet been granted permission to send your health data to HeadUp. 

Please follow the steps below to check your Fitbit data settings. 

Step 1. Open HeadUp.

Step 2. Open your Profile page and select Settings. If your Fitbit is already connected, select Connected. If you don't have a device connected, select Connect your device.  

Step 3. If Fitbit is already disconnected or does not appear, please skip to Step 5

If Fitbit is connected, simply disconnect it by hitting Disconnect. *Please note, you will not be able to complete set up without a device, you will need to force close the app to return to your settings page*

Step 4. After force closing and re-opening the app, your settings page should show that no devices are connected.

Step 5. Reconnect your Fitbit by scrolling back to Devices (under the settings tab). You should now see the option to Connect your device.

Step 6. If you are not already signed in to Fitbit you will be required to log in.

Step 7. After you have signed in you will be asked to grant access for your Fitbit data. Select the top option ‘Allow All’ then select ‘Allow’ at the bottom of the screen.

Step 8. You will now be automatically returned to the HeadUp app which should show your device as connected.

All done! Your Fitbit connection has been reset and your health data will now be sent to HeadUp for analysis.

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