Are you losing your ‘zen’ over your sleep data at the moment? Here are a few tricks of the trade to get you sorted quick-smart!

Perform a fresh sync 

Syncing is easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!

Step 1. Force-close HeadUp so it is not open or running in the background.

Step 2. Wait 2-3 seconds.

Step 3. Open HeadUp.

This process triggers a retrieval of your health data which is stored in the Health app. After syncing, please allow up to one hour for new data to be displayed in HeadUp.

If you've synced in the last two hours and your sleep graph is still looking lonely, it's time to check that HeadUp has permission to receive your data.

Check your data permissions

Not sure how to check your data permissions? Here's how:

Step 1. Open the Health app on your iPhone. Please note this screen may look different depending on what applications you have downloaded.


Step 2. From the Summary Page, select your image in the top right-hand corner and select Apps from the Privacy section:

      HealthKit_-_Summary_page.png HealthKit_-_personal_page.png                

Step 3. Select HeadUp from the list of apps and ensure all categories are turned on:

      HealthKit_-_Apps_screenshot.png . HealthKit_-_Permissions_turned_ON.jpg         

If the data categories were turned off: please turn them ON, perform a fresh HeadUp sync, then allow up to 1 hour for your data to be retrieved and displayed in the app. 

If all categories are already turned on: it's time to check your sleep data in the Health app. Read on! 

Check your Time and Date Format on your phone

Sometimes individual settings and configurations regarding your time and date format on your phone may interfere with the data retrieval between HeadUp and HealthKit. For some users a simple change of configurations will solve the issue and will allow HeadUp to receive Sleep data from the HealthKit app.

Step 1. Change your date time format to 24 hours and back to 12 hours on your phone.

Step 2. Allow Apple to get the time and date automatically from the time zone you are using in your current location.

Then try to sync HeadUp with HealthKit again and see if you are receiving any sleep data.

Check your sleep data in the Health app 

Your sleep data reaches HeadUp via the Health app. Your third party sleep app sends your zzz's to the Health app on your iPhone, then HeadUp retrieves this data from the Health app each time you sync. Sound confusing? Follow the steps below to check that your data is making the required pitstop in the Health app.

Step 1. Open the Health app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Select Browse from the bottom panel, then select the Sleep tile.


Step 3. Select Sleep Analysis

 Step 4. Change the view to month (M) to view all sleep entries for the most recent month. 

* You'll notice in the above screenshots that only purple 'in bed' values are showing. This means that no third-party apps are writing sleep data to the Health app...something is not right! You need to be seeing orange bands or 'asleep' values in order to generate a rating. *

If you notice there are no third-party (pink or 'asleep') entries here, then we're sorry to say that your sleep app has not been sending all your data to Health (and henceforth it has not been sent to us). You'll need to contact your sleep app support team for assistance.

If you can see both 'in bed' and 'asleep' entries in the Health app that are not represented on your HeadUp sleep graph, then it's time to call for back-up! Please contact us here. You don't need to be Shakespeare, in fact, you can just copy-paste the template below, fill in the details and attach your screenshots.

Subject: Missing data from my sleep graph


The email address linked to my HeadUp account is

Have you synced HeadUp in the last 2 hours?

Day & date of missing/incomplete sleep duration:

Please attach a screenshot of the most recent month's sleep data from the Health app.

Please attach a screenshot of your HeadUp sleep graph.

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