When troubleshooting your sleep data, it's important to understand the flow of data from your Apple Watch to HeadUp. It's a 3-stage process. 

Stage 1. Your Apple Watch records your sleep data and sends this to your chosen sleep app.

Stage 2. Your sleep app sends this data to the Health app on your iPhone. 

Stage 3. When you sync, HeadUp retrieves your data from the Health app. An hour after syncing, this data should be displayed on your HeadUp Sleep graphs.

If you're missing sleep entries in HeadUp it may be that your sleep app is not sending data to the Health app. Follow the steps below to find out!

Step 1. Open the Health app on your iPhone. 

Step 2. Select the Browse tile from the bottom panel, scroll down and then select the Sleep tile.


Step 3. Select Sleep Analysis


Step 4. On the top panel, change the view to the month (M) option to view all sleep entries for the most recent month. *Please note, purple or 'IN BED' entries are not an indication of measured sleep data from a third a party sleep app*



If there are missing sleep entries in Health app

If you notice there are sleep entries missing here, then we're sorry to say that your sleep app has not been sending all your data to Health app (and henceforth it has not been sent to us). You'll need to contact your sleep app support team for assistance.

All my sleep entries are in Health app but they're missing from the HeadUp Sleep graph

If you can see sleep entries in the Health app that are not represented on your HeadUp sleep graph, then it's time to call for back-up! Please contact our support team and include the details below. You don't need to be Shakespeare, in fact, you can just copy-paste the template below, fill out the details and attach your screenshots.


The email address linked to my HeadUp account is: 

Have you synced HeadUp in the last 2 hours?

Day & date of missing/incomplete sleep duration: 

Please attach a screenshot of the most recent month's sleep data from the Health app.

Please attach a screenshot of your HeadUp sleep graph.

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