Our mood check-ins are a favourite feature for our HeadUp users; not only are they quick and easy to complete, they also give you an opportunity to take a well-deserved moment for yourself.

Within four days of using HeadUp, you should receive your first notification to check-in with us.

If it's been over four days and you are still yet to receive a notification, then it's worthwhile to check your notification settings are turned on:

- within the HeadUp app              

- within your phone settings 

Checking your settings is as easy as pie. Just follow the step by step instructions below and you'll have it done in a jiffy!

P.S. You need not wait for your notification – you can complete a mood check-in any day that tickles your fancy! Simply open the HeadUp app anytime and click on the mood check-in option.

To check your notification settings in HeadUp:

Step 1. Open HeadUp and select your Profile icon on the bottom menu bar 


Step 2. Select the Settings tab followed by Communications 

HU_-_Settings_-_Settings_highlighted.png HU_-_Settings_-__Communications_highlighted.jpg

Step 3. From here, you will be able to toggle your notifications and emails on and off. Even if your App notifications are already set to ON, toggle them OFF, wait a moment, then toggle them back ON. This will refresh the setting.


You should notice that the App notifications option is green to indicate it is turned on.   

You're all done! 

You are now ready to receive your HeadUp check-in notifications! 

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