Back when Britney Spears was hitting it "one more time" and the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal was hot off the press, it was pretty standard to have one email address you used for EVERYTHING.

These days we're more likely to have a number of different email accounts intended for different purposes. If you're looking to change the email address linked to your HeadUp account you can contact us here and our friendly team will take care of it. 

More of a DIY kinda person? You can simply disconnect your device from your existing account and create a new account by following the steps below. Please note that your current data will be transferred to your new HeadUp account after connecting your wearable device, however, your personalised insights cannot be transferred.

Step 1. Open HeadUp and select the Profile option on the bottom panel.


Step 2. Turn OFF App notifications and Emails by selecting the Communications tab: 


Step 3. Disconnect your device from the Settings page 



Step 4. Log out of HeadUp (located at the bottom of the Settings page).

**You may need to force close the app after disconnecting your device so that you can move past the Device Connection page

Step 5. Now create a new HeadUp account with your preferred email address or Facebook account




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