Are you keen as a bean to get started with HeadUp? Feeling like you should have met those minimum data requirements for your HeadUp ratings by now? 

We haven't forgotten about you (of course not!) - it could be that HeadUp hasn't received any new data from your Misfit yet.  

You can get started by making sure you're connected and syncing! After you have connected your device in the HeadUp settings (see screenshot below) you can follow these steps: 



Step 1. Check your Bluetooth and internet connection are turned ON 

Your Misfit device sends data to your Misfit account via Bluetooth. Your data is then sent to HeadUp via your internet connection (3G or WIFI). Therefore, it’s critical that you have both your Bluetooth and internet connection turned ON.  

Step 2. Open the Misfit app to sync 

You'll know the sync has completed when the Misfit app displays the exact same step count as your device. 

Be sure to open the Misfit app on your phone a few times throughout the day. This will ensure that your new data is being sent to Misfit (and then Misfit can send it to us!) ? 

Step 3. Refresh the HeadUp app 

Within 30 minutes of syncing your Misfit device with the Misfit app, this data will be sent to your HeadUp account. If your HeadUp dashboard still shows an old sync date after doing this, simply refresh the HeadUp app by force-closing and re-opening it. Alternatively, you can log out of HeadUp and log back in.  

If you're still not seeing any new data in HeadUp after a few hours, please contact our team here and include the email address linked to your HeadUp account. We'll get to the bottom of it!