Not sure what hiccups your device has? Check here to determine whether your Delta is faulty:

1. Charging

  • Initial charging is not working
  • Fails to maintain charge for minimum period
  • Fails to charge If your Delta is not charging, have a read through: My Delta is not charging. This may help resolve the issue.

2. Connectivity

  • Fails to connect to a compatible handset
  • Connects to handset but fails to transfer data to the app
  • Fails to maintain connectivity while within range of compatible handset

If your Delta is not connecting, you can try troubleshooting steps explained in: My Delta won’t connect to the HeadUp app.

3. Performance

  • Fails to switch between modes through screen touch point
  • Fails to record function data (e.g. steps)
  • Wristband failure at USB housing If your Delta is not performing correctly, you can try restarting your Delta following steps here: How do I restart my Delta?

To avoid possible damages, we suggest having a look at: How should I care for my Delta? 

If you still can’t get your Delta to work, please contact our team here. Please provide the email address linked to your HeadUp account and we'll get to the bottom of it! Once determined faulty, you can ask for a device replacement or refund.