For the cardio-enthusiasts amongst us, a low RHR often reflects highly efficient heart functioning. For example, athletes often have a healthy lower-than-average resting heart rate (it’s been reported that Roger Federer has a RHR of 35bpm). 
Conversely, for inactive individuals, the same low RHR could be indicative of the heart condition bradycardia, and may require medical attention.  


If you’ve been using the app for less than 4 weeks, then our data scientists are still hard at work – analysing your digits. Lots of different data points go into your resting heart rate rating so we need to take our time to get it right! In the meantime, please keep wearing your device and tracking all your workouts. 


If it’s been a month or more and you’re concerned about your low RHR, we recommend a visit to your doctor to learn more about what this means for you.