Your sleep score helps you understand your sleep each night so you can see trends in your sleep patterns over time.


We know that better sleep is associated with greater energy and mood, while extended poor sleep can contribute to poorer physical and mental health. HeadUp aims to rate your overall sleep score based on your sleep efficiency: time in bed and time asleep duration minutes from your wearable device.


Your overall sleep score is a sum of your scores in time in bed/sleep duration minutes, for a total score of 100.


Sleep efficiency score ranges:


Healthy (Efficient) = 85-100

Less healthy (Less efficient) = 75-85

Poor (Very inefficient) = Below 75


A higher sleep efficiency score means less time on non-sleep activities, such as reading, watching TV and texting. A score lower than 80 is associated with poorer physical health outcomes. 


Note: The score excludes times where sleep duration and time in bed are below 180 minutes.